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RWATCH M26s Smart Watch

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M26s - How amazing the watch is! 
Rwatch M26s - In intelligent machine pairing after connection, machines can synchronize phonebook and provides a variety of useful features and services to facilitate your work and leisure activities in the smart machine operation. You can read the manual, a comprehensive understanding of the use of equipment, in fact, with a taste of the function and simple method of operation. 

When you get a Rwatch M26s, and install APP program on the smart phone, realize SMS, LINE, Facebook, QQ, Weather Forecasts and other instant messaging reminders.
Android APP install address: (Only the Bluetooth 4.0 device support)
1.Scan the QR code to download APP - 
2.Downloaded from web address IP address: Http://
iOS APP install address: (Only the Bluetooth 4.0 device support)
APP store install: Mediatek SmartDevice

Main Functions: 
After M26s is connected with the mobile phone will display mobile phone contacts in the machine (can display 1000)
When M26s is connected to the phone, it can make a phone a call
You can send a message in the smart watch. Needs to install APP application for used in mobile phone terminal
Call Log
Open this function will see the following menu
1. Missed calls - Display the missed call, at the same time can call the corresponding contact
2. Dialed calls - Display the dialed call, at the same time can call the corresponding contact
3. Received calls - Display the received call, at the same time can call the corresponding contact
4. All calls - Display mobile phone calls all phone records
Can query the QQ / Wechat and other timely news. This function needs to install APP application for use in mobile phone terminal
Can control the music playing in the mobile phone 
Remote Camera
Remote on /off mobile phone camera press confirm to complete pictures, This function needs to install APP application for use in mobile phone terminal
Sleep Monitor
Open this operation to monitor the quality of sleep
1. Sleeps witch - ON or Off
2. Sleep monitor - Sleep data display
Anti Lost
Watch will send alarm after leaving the mobile phone a certain distance
Calculation of the walking distance of time (time, minutes, seconds) and the number of kilometers (km)


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